Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Pics of my Girlie

Thanks to Nancy Jo here are some great pics of my daughter Arie as she showed Romo Meowski as a Novice in Junior Showmanship. I am so very proud of her.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Show Report - Vallejo CA/CFA

Wow where do I even start? The begining is probably a great place ;)
Saturday was a great day for a cat show. My daughter Arie and I got up at 5 am and left at 5:30 am. We traveled up to Yountville and got my friend and mentor Nancy Jo and then traveled down to Vallejo. We got there pretty early and spent most of the time trying to figure out the parking situation. We got the cage decorated and comfy for Romo Meowski, who was in a great mood. he was purring and making biscuits and loving Nancy's attention. I thought it was going to be a great day...

Romo went to the first ring and was placed right next to another cat who was not so happy to be at the cat show. It set Romo off. The remainder of the day he hissed at judges, other cats, toys, etc. Personally I was really astounded at his attitude. I mean Romo doesn't even hiss at home. Heck I didn't know he even knew how to hiss! I was a bit embarrassed at first but he wasn't striking out at anyone just letting his feelings be known. So Romo was not happy about the cat show. lol.

Four cats were in the catalog, one didn't show. After halfway through the show our competition again went down by one cat. At the end of the show it was only cranky Romo Meowski left to compete against himself. While Romo didn't score high he was still turning heads and again was a spectator and crowd favorite.

Ranking in the ring is somewhat meaningless IMO Romo is a purebred cat and therefore more likely to score low because it will seem to the judges as if I am trying to pass off an established pedigree/purebred cat for a hodgepodge anybodys guess HHP. Which technically I guess I am. The Helki Breed is a new experimental breed there are no other classes I can show them in and I want to get these cats into the hands of the judges. So we got 3rd place 3 times, 2nd place 2 times, and Best HHP in the last ring because Romo was the only HHP left in the show hall. Arie was able to get 1st place as Novice Junior Showmanship using Romo. It was the only time I saw him not hiss at everyone the whole day lol. As if he knew he didn't want to ruin this for Arie. hahaha. Even the Judge Kim Everette-Hirsch commented that Romo behaved better for Arie then he did for her. Arie does have pretty good handling skills.

We had some excellent comments from the judges. Romo was said to have good conformation, a unique texture to his fur, lovely eye shape, solid body, among other very nice things. When I would explain what Romo was the judges all seemed happy to have the puzzle pieces fitting together and were very pleased with him. At the end of the show many of the Judges were gathered in a group and watched Romo get his only Best HHP award for the day and they all applauded loudly for him. It was very touching and gave me hope and joy for my breed.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Silver Bells Cat Show Vallejo

Our very own Romo Meowski is scheduled to be shown as HHP (Household Pet) and for Junior Showmanship at the Silver Bells Cat Show in Vallejo on December 19th.

This will be Romo Meowski's last show appearance until he has been a daddy at least a few times and has a suitable replacement. Romo is one of our finest cats and is a Must See & Feel!!

Please come join us at the Solano County Fairgrounds,McCormack Hall,900 Fairgrounds Drive.
This is a CFA licensed show.

Its Official!

Today I recieved my Cattery Name Registration Certificate in the mail. Wyrdwul is now a cattery name that is registered with the Cat Fanciers Association.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Sneaking Suspicion...

Do you remember the story about Stormy the kitten we found under the house during the storm? I've been wondering who her mom is. I know its not the feral we call Wyfe. When I offered the mewling kitten to her Wyfe looked at me like I had to be crazy. She was uninterested in the opposite way from how she reacts to her own kittens. Anyway to make a long story short today after feeding Chuck and Wyfe I sat off to the side to see what they do after they eat. The two went under the house and out runs this long hair creamy gray colored cat. I know this cat! Its one of Chucks family members. Its either his mom or a brother that looks similar to Chucks Mom. My suspicion is that Stormy is possibly a half sister to Chuck. Both Chucks brother and Mom have not yet been able to be caught and spay/neuter. I can't say that its a for sure but its a possibility.