Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Sneaking Suspicion...

Do you remember the story about Stormy the kitten we found under the house during the storm? I've been wondering who her mom is. I know its not the feral we call Wyfe. When I offered the mewling kitten to her Wyfe looked at me like I had to be crazy. She was uninterested in the opposite way from how she reacts to her own kittens. Anyway to make a long story short today after feeding Chuck and Wyfe I sat off to the side to see what they do after they eat. The two went under the house and out runs this long hair creamy gray colored cat. I know this cat! Its one of Chucks family members. Its either his mom or a brother that looks similar to Chucks Mom. My suspicion is that Stormy is possibly a half sister to Chuck. Both Chucks brother and Mom have not yet been able to be caught and spay/neuter. I can't say that its a for sure but its a possibility.

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