Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Started - Current Updates

Hello all. I am currently working on getting this blog together. I plan on putting my thoughts feeling and milestones on this blog. My last blog was all hand coded and got pretty time consuming so I am looking forward to the ease of Blogger.

Ok so as for updates I wasn't able to take AmunRa to the CFA show in Fresno. As many of you know because this breed is so new I can only show my cats under the Household Pet(HHP) status. I was the only one to apply for HHP at the show, to help save time I withdrew Ra and my daughter Arie and I got the chance to steward. Basically its cleaning cages in between cats. It was fun, but as I've been ill I got so worn out that I had to stop several times on the way home and just slept.

As for other shows Arie and I would like to make it to the Reno NV show, but we are still trying to decide if we want to show a cat or go just for fun.

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