Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cat Show

No word from the Reno cat club if they are not having HHP so I got AmunRa ready to show. I tried something new in the line up. I brushed him out and clipped chin hairs and the lynx tips on his ears. Then took an oatmeal bath and just rubbed that deep into the undercoat and brushed him out again. Then rinsed him off and shampoo'ed him with Garnier moisturizing shampoo. Let him sit five minutes. Then did a white vingar rinse. Last but not least we put some texturizer on him and let him sit for five minutes and then rinsed. It a quick towel off and then I let him air dry. Later I'll add some rehydrater and see how that looks. So far his coat looks fluffy and soft but I haven't touched him yet. I'm hoping this is the great and final grooming test. These cats have such different fur that I am having to find my way through grooming for show. I tried all the different rex cat grooming tips and truely have to use a bit from each but I've also had to take tips from the OSH and Persian people. So again we will see. Here is to hoping the competition falls flat compared to Ra's amazing type, and pattern!

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