Saturday, September 5, 2009

Developing News

Today I went and visited a neighbor across the street from me as she and her husband enjoy cats and cat for around 13+ cats from the feral colony that lives on our block. She has lived in our neighborhood for 33 years or so and has seen many a "throw away" cat come and go.
I was surprised and delighted to see many of Chucks family members including his mother in their backyard. Also it was fun to hear that Chucks name over there is Mr. B
cuz he is mister big in regard to size lol. They also confirmed that Chuck did disappear for 6 to 7 months. I was able to let them know he was neutered and that I believe he moonlights at another house behind me. This couple should win an award for what they have done for this cat colony. In their backyard they have it customized for their feral colony with a sandbox litter box, a cat tree, and cat beds. They have spayed and neutered all but a few that have recently cropped up and make sure the cats get veterinary care when needed.
While I stood amazed and delighted in their home, I was in for even more of a shocker. My neighbor produced several photos with cats that had very obvious Rex coats. I also go a lesson in genealogy and record keeping for these cats! I was quiet impressed. So now I have more of an idea of what the Rex cats look like that have helped to create the Helki breed and I am excited to get the information recorded in my Breeders Assistant program.

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