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Foundation Cats
The map below shows the places where the cats were obtained.

1. Shadow


Sex: Female | D.O.B. 2005 | Size: Medium | Coat Color: Black Smoke | Eye
Color: Yellow | Coat Texture: Long Silky |

Shadow Princess - Shadow was found when she was about 8 -10 weeks old in the
engine of a car down the street in 2005. We tended her burnt paws and
shampooed the oily kitten to find she was Black Smoke. Shadow turned out to
be a very intelligent cat, her favorite kitten game was to play fetch. She
also was great at learning and playing little tricks. Its one of the things
she has passed down to her offspring. We never fixed her as all the other
males in the house were neutered, and wasn't a problem until years later.

2. Chuck


Sex: Male | D.O.B. 6/2006 | Size: Large | Coat Color:
Blue | Eye Color: Yellow | Coat Texture: Short Thick Wooly |

Chuck - In 2006 a little blue kitten from the porch down the street was
smuggled into my home by my lovely sons. It didn't take long for me to love
the little guy but I was totally put off when my little Tom all the sudden
had sick eyes. When confronted my sons quickly confessed there was a 2nd
kitten who we know now as Chuck. Tom unfortunately snuck out one night and
was killed by a neighborhood dog. Chuck on the other hand stuck around to
woo the ladies and sire kittens with both Shadow and Mia. After his first
two litters were born Chuck also snuck out after we took him for shots at
the SPCA so that we could neuter him. Chuck disappeared for 6 months when he
returned he was neutered, frightened, and disoriented. Its taken some time
but he is now coming back inside for short periods of time


Sex: Female | D.O.B. 4/23/07 | Size: Small | Coat
Color: Tortie Tabby | Eye Color: Yellow | Coat Texture: Short Coarse |

Mia - I got Mia when she was about 4 months old in 2007, from a co-worker.
Mia was loved and cared for but never socialized to humans. I got a very
cute sketchy cat that didn't even want pets. She was so small and could hide
in the most strange placed. Like in my closet clothes. Yes clothes hanging
in the closet! Mia also introduced me to what called silent heat. She would
go into heat and only the boys would know. A month later I had one round
little girl.
Dominant or Recessive? - Jazz was the only kitten born to Odie(Dam) and Shady(Sire). Shady was the only male cat in the house at the time that was whole, so it made it easy to know who the parents were. With only one kitten in the litter there was no way to determine if the gene was recessive or dominant. Shady had sired a previous litter with Mia and in retrospect several of the kittens born had traits that made the fur different then normal cats I just didn't see the dramatic waves in the fur and known that both Shady and Odie were half siblings, it was then thought that it must be a recessive gene. At that point I wanted to get a breeding pair with the same coat so I bred to Shady to Nermal (Odie's sister and littermate). From that mating two kittens were born with wavy fur. the male Osiris had beautiful tufts of wavy thick wool, his whiskers were short and brittle. The female Isis, had short wooly fur and wavy whiskers. Unfortunately the both passed due to milk fever. Mia the ever sneaky queen got out of the nursery and successfully mated with one of three males in my house. Could be Shady, Garfield, or Pookie. All of which are son's of Chuck. She produced a litter of four. Now armed with looking at not only the fur but the whiskers I could see the Rex trait in all four. Three had the trait in their fur one in her whiskers. Two of the kittens were also nursing off of Nermal and died of milk fever shortly after Osiris and Isis. It was a terrible blow to the heart and mind. It may seem like a short time that these kittens entered my life but I love them still and promise to continue telling their story in hopes I never forget the things I learned and the loves I lost too soon. I put all that love in the last two kittens, AmunRa and Hostlov. Amun Ra had a new version of the wavy fur. It would curl up and backwards. Hostlov has thick soft fur and wavy whiskers but no waves or curls in her coat.

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