Friday, October 16, 2009


On Tuesday October 13th there was a huge storm here in Northern California. Chuck had been kept indoors for the past few days because a neighbor had threatened to allow her dogs to eat him if he ventured into their backyard again. Chuck had been a bit stir crazy but he really got worried on the day of the storm. He wanted outside so badly, but we lost a tree early in the morning and I couldn't bare to let him out. Later on that rainy windy day I went to pick up my friends daughter from High School. I left my youngest son and my friends son home while I went out. The door didn't latch properly as I left and soon after I had left the wind blew the door open. Chuck dashed outside with a league of other cats and they all proceeded to get under the house. While I was gone the boys got under the house through an access door in the home to gather up the cats. Low and behold Chuck led them to a little frightened lonely kitten. As they were figuring out what to do, I got home and heard about this feral furball. With a bit of team work the four of us were able to get the little one inside and Chuck marched right in after, as if that all he had been concerned about.

Stormy as she is called now is a fluffy long hair kitten about 7 weeks old. Where her momma is I don't have the slightest clue, but we have nursing moms here so she is adjusting really well.

I went out a bit later after the storm had subsided and found that the area where the cats went to find Stormy, was flooding. The cats got the humans motivated just in time to get the kitten out safe and sound.

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