Thursday, November 5, 2009

Odie's Litter Announcement and Dooms Kitten Extravaganza

On 11/02/09 Odie gave birth to Four kittens sired by AmunRa. Here is there info:

Ahmose (born of the moon) - so far all white possibly pointed Male with Helki waves

Shai (Egyptian God with pigs body God of Fate and Destiny) - Tortie Female with Helki waves and a short corkscrew tail.

Stubz (Another mom in the nursery stole him and bit off his tail :( ) - Blue Male with Helki waves

Clowd - White Female with Helki waves, Clowd was also stolen and her foot and tail were bitten and chewed, she lived less then 24 hours but was a lovely little angel.

The End Times Litter is now officially 10 weeks old and three of them will be needing nice forever homes. Inquiries are welcome, feel free to email me at if you are interested in a Helki kitten.

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