Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Show of the Season

The Cat show season is ending in about two months. I would love to plow through and show to the very end but I have other priorities. This last show in Vallejo is a heart wrenching yet necessary step for the Helki Breed. I plan on getting back in the show hall once the new season starts but in the meantime I need to focus on submitting the proper forms with TICA and trying to find new breeders that I can connect with and that will uphold the ideals and SOP with this breed. This is some tough work I have cut out for me and while I am excited to see progress I am also frightened of the future. What happens when I have to tactfully decline a breeder? What happens if I feel someone I trusted is going down a bad path. One thing I was definitely warned of is that at some point I have to give up the reins and allow others to proceed me. Thats a hard thing to swallow and will take some time for me to come to terms. Anyhow I can't say that it wont be a good thing. Look at how loved the Persian breed is and yet how different it looks from when it first became a known breed. I've got a lot on my mind and my heart is heavy.

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