Friday, April 9, 2010

Light Switch & the Joy of Cat Trees

I recentlty bought this $40 cat tree at Walmart. You assemble it at home, it has three tiers, and reaches all the way to the ceiling. Needless to say both my budget and my cats LOVE it. When placing the tree in my home I knew I wanted it in my room. Its not a big tree and the levels can be turned to face any direction you want. I placed mine in between my bathroom sink and closet thinking what a novel place that would be. Did I mention the cats LOVE the cat tree?! Yes its a place for place, sleep, relaxation... and learning. the bathroom light switch is located right next to the middle tier, the cats have now mastered the light switch. Some use the front paw method, some use the back paw kick method. The switch is fun to turn both on and off. My cats love to challenge each other with all kinds of tasks. Who can walk the railing the farthest, who can climb the curtains to the top, who can run through the house at lightning speed. Now its who has mastered the light switch. While I am amused it can be slightly annoying to have the light turned out on you while you are doing something important for humans per say. But over all I recommend that if you ever want full entertainment, a Helki or two can be the remedy needed. Ooops there's the light again =^_^=

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