Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tribute To AmunRa

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this. My beloved cat Ra passed away last night. Ra had been hit by a double whammy. He got an abscess from getting a whack on the head from another cat, and then we brought home some kind of cold from the vets the last time the dogs were there. The cold turned into an upper respiratory infection. Ra's abscess healed but his immune system was weak from the two infections. I was able to give him some amoxicillin and terramycin. I thought he had bolstered and was on the mend. I was wrong it was the last glimmer before he passed. Ra waited for my nightly check up on him. Enough on how he died ... let me tell you about his Life.

AmunRa was born on 11/17/2008 it was evident that he was born too early, especially when his mother held onto the other kittens for a few days before delivering them. Ra was scrawny and tiny and the oddest colored kitten I had ever seen.

As he grew his unique color and fur really began to show:

He was so neat that a friend encouraged me to show him. So off Ra went the first week of April 2009 to show off what a Helki looks like. That weekend as a kitten Ra was able to make best HHP in 2 rings. But then this is how he looked at his cat show:

Ra went to many other cat shows and he did well. He was always a spectator favorite. His sweet loving personality always won everyone over. Ra went on to stud two litters of Helki kittens. His son OberonRa (Keebler) stands with the likeness of his father in both looks and personality. Shai (Piggy) and OdinRa (Stubz) are beautiful kittens with outgoing and good natured temperaments. Ra was also a good father and would care for his kittens. Showing that true fathering is a wonderful Helki trait.

Sadly Ra was never an overly healthy cat. He could pick up a cat cold like nobody's business. It seemed that his immune system suffered from the get go and was probably part in fact to his early arrival. Despite all his troubles Ra was a great spokescat for the Helki and I am so blessed to have had him in my life. He was a major driving point for me to learn so much about cat color, & coat genetics. He helped work with me to find the best way to groom a Helki before a show.

Sorry I am just terrible right now, between sniffles and all I hope this makes sense. Here is to AmunRa, my sweet ambassador. I love you and miss you so much already.

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  1. Kebbler looks like Ra father like son! i miss Ra Still:( he will always be in ou hearts: