Sunday, June 7, 2009

CFA Show Reno 06/06/09

AmunRa (1st pic) was entered as HHP for this show. He is only 6th months old and already turning the judges heads. He won 2nd place in 4 rings and 4th place in 2 rings. He was up against some heavy competition from the 5th best cat in our Region(NorthWest). Mikelah (2nd pic) who is 7 years old and a feral rescue. She is an excellent example of a DSH mackerel tabby. And notably so she won 1st place in all rings as I recall.

As for Ra this will be his last show for about a year. I want to pass on his genes before I neuter him and by the time the next show comes around he will be too old for the competition without having been fixed. Also I need to work on his muscle tone. So I figure a nice year to mature in muscle tone and coat texture and then watch out HHP cats ;P

Our next cat that we are showing will be Kipper(Tigre 3rd pic) she is a Brown Spotted Tabby. She has these amazing waves in her whiskers and her coat really shows the difference between the Helki and the DSH. She has better muscle tone then Ra. Look for her at the Region 2 show in Roseville August 8th!

P.S. All my show schedules and plans are tentative. There are a few shows in Region 2 & 5 that I may or may not be attending with the above mentioned cats.... I'll update the blog as needed.

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