Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An all cat update

This was posted as a blog on mycatspace.com I edited this version with the cats that are currently in my home and removed info about cats that were placed in forever homes, etc...

Glenn Lee: It seems he has taken on full retirement. I wasn’t sure until I noticed that Tanuki was now the cat that waited until everyone had finished before eating and Glenn takes advantage of eating before anyone can steal his food. He is creaky, and tired but since he has retired I’ve seen a new light in his eyes. He is enjoying the twilight of his life.

Tanuki: Is a fantastic leader and great mother. Her milk is coveted by all the kittens. She is patient giving and takes extra time with all of the kittens. But her love is her own baby Bender who I’ll talk more of later. Most of Tanuki’s day is filled with kittens but she still has a fun romp around the house and is active and social with the other older cats. The house is very quiet and stable with Tanuki in charge.

Shadow: Has been going through a phase where she prefers to be on her own. She spends most of her time sitting in a window sill watching the birds. She has had a few problems with Yuki bothering her and chasing her but he has learned grandma can hold her own.

Shady: Must feel usurped by his daughter taking over. He wont come back in the house. When we bring him in it’s a tooth and nail fight and he sprays the house up and down if he gets the chance. He spends all his time in the yard out front with Chuck, Wife and Wifes four kittens.

Mia: had four kittens a few weeks after Tanuki had Bender. Three of which you can tell are silver/smoke and long hair. Since silver and longhair are dominant genes that means they are Nickademus’ kittens >.<

Nermal: Also had a litter before Mia had hers. She has 3 sweet kittens. Nermal is now Tanuki’s right hand momma cat. The two are side by side all over the house. This is a good alliance and helps Nermal feel important.

Odie: had five kittens two of which we have kept. They are about 14 weeks old as I write this. Odie did her best. She did let the burden of her kittens lay heavily on the other three mothers when her kittens were about 9 weeks old. She has rebounded and is now doting on her two kittens that stayed here.

Garfield: Spends a lot of time with his son Bender and the other kittens. Most of it snoozing though… When Garfield is up I have to watch him as he loves to open the screen to my bedroom window of which lets out any other curious cat that notices the roof access was “unlocked”. It’s a bit frustrating as I don’t use an air conditioner and like open windows. Now I have to shut the windows in my room and suffer hot nights.

Yuki: While Arie has refused to put her large Yuki on a diet he hasn’t gotten rounder. He has a nice defined muscle mass and is a force to be reconed with. He has been the kitten playtime cat. Running all over the house like a freight train full of semi trucks! He has finally figured out that he likes girls and we have sequestered him to the “gentleman’s room” Which changed his habits into breaking and entering. Garfield taught him the get out of jail free trick with the window and we have had to get Yuki off the roof several times before I finally said enough and closed the window. Now Yuki spends his time snoozing in his own blanket filled laundry basket.

Pigeon: Still not much into her princess bed. She loves the DVR though. It is warm and whirs and is a great nap spot. When she gets up there she ignores everything else. As if there is a force field there, keeping her from interacting with humans.

Jazz: Is still a love bug. I took him as an exhibition to a cat show and he was an instant hit. People kept asking about his fur and so many people stated that they love black cats best. He had a lot of attention on the two day adventure and came home rockin’ it like a rockstar. Which happens to be his new nickname. Jazz knows when Ra and I are leaving to the cat shows and sometimes looks a bit put off that he isn’t going. I’ll have to take him to the next one for sure ;)

Sable: Is still fat, I’ve given up on the whole grow into it thing. She is a master at getting into everything and for a while she was one of Garfields roof crew. Other then that its normal Sable the Doom cat trouble =^_^=

Hostlov: (7 months old) Pesty has not found her forever home yet. I still think she would make a great cat for someone but if no one wants her, then I’ll keep her for the Helki program. She has great fur, but not really great type and not really a good temperament. She doesn’t like to be held or petted she only likes to play. She is the first one of Mia’s kittens that is like this. Seems like she retains some of the feral temperament. Over all though Pesty is loved and gets petted and picked up like it or not.

AmunRa: (7 months old) Ra has been my show cat. He has a good type, great fur, had wavy whiskers, had excellent color and pattern. He also has excellent temperament. Its funny that he and Pesty were littermates. He is older then her by two days and is smaller. She hates pets and he will hunt you down for love and affection. Ra is a Superstar at the cats shows he looks good and behaves well for the judges. He needs to be more playful though and also we need to get him a bit more muscled. Because of his age and my plan to use him as breed stock he wont be able to attend any more shows until he is a proven daddy and I am not planning that until next year. So while he earned 550 points at his one show this year he wont be earning anymore points until his own kittens are 14 weeks old and that again wont happen for a while.


Haze: was born of Odie & Shady. He is a blue lynx point with blue eyes and a sweet personality. Like most Siamese colored cats he sticks close to his human (Me). He does like being picked up and petted though. Loves have to come on his terms. I wanted to show him but I have quickly figured that he is not suited for such a life as long as he doesn’t like to be picked up and handled. He’s a sweetie though and I love him.

Le Tigre: Is Hazy’s littermate and planned mate of AmunRa when they are old enough. Tigre is a brown spotted tabby girl who displays the Helki traits the best I’ve seen on any female of this breed so far. She has a very outgoing, playful personality and we have switched focus to training her for the show ring. For an almost four month old cat she has nicely defined muscles and she should stun the judges and the audience alike ^_^ Just to tell you how outgoing she is. From the first days she was born she would hear my husband’s voice and try to crawl to him. She loves my husband to death and checks on him often.

Bender: Bender was born of Tannuki & Garfield. He was her only surviving kitten. Tanuki gave birth to four total kittens. The other 3 being girls sadly they didn’t make it past their first day of life. Tanuki had a long strained labor which I am sure contributed to the early death of her 3 beautiful girls. Bender though came out with a twisted bent tail and was feisty and hungry. He has never given in, even when his momma was sad about his sister. She loves him and he loves her and they bring each other the joy needed from such a loss. Bender is stripped ticked tabby. He also has a marking on the ruff of his neck that looks like a classic tabby pattern but he is stripped and ticked. His ticking is so pronounced that I thought he was an unpatterned tabby for a while. The Helki coat has a way of opening up to throw off color and show off the undercoat which helps see his very thin stripes. His ticking is a nice rufused red making him even more unique. His bent tail is not seen as a fault. It is actually twisted like a Japanese Bobtail and he can move it about just fine. Bender is a fun kitten to have and also a contender for the show ring.

Ditto, Squishee, & Slick: This trio was born of Nermal and Nickademus. They were a surprise litter and not planned. Boy were they a surprise. Squishee is the only male and has long hair like his father. He is blue colored and loves to play, but shy of humans. We work with him daily but I feel like he will be a lot like Pesty when older, which is a shame as he is the first longhair Helki. The waves in his fur pronounced and beautiful. His silvery blue shows off the waves nicely. Ditto was named such as she looks like the perfect copy of her mother. She is a Dilute tortie and just a sweet doll. Slick is a little black smoke girl. Her smoke isn’t as good as her daddys but what she doesn’t have in color she makes up for in personality. She is a hunter. Player, getter, and all around troublemaker. But she loves a good human snuggle. She also has some gorgeous green eyes. There has been a forever home waiting for her for a long time and I am so sad to give her over for those green green eyes and great personality. So hopefully they change their mind and get a dog.

Romo Meowski, Braith, Cho-chan, Koji: These four were born of Mia and Nickademus and again was a huge surprise. This surprise was also very nice. I think anyone who has silvers and works with smoke shaded and shell cats know that every litter is a delight to see. The silver gene does amazing things and until you see it in person… At the show hall people literally gasp when they see a cat with silver. Its like an open clear white that glimmers… All of these kittens got the dominant silver gene and its breath taking on them. Romo and Braith are Silveer classic tabbys. Romo has a better pattern but Braith has a nice long fur with open waves. Cho is a smoke Tortie with long wavy fur. Koji is a red smoke. The smoke make him look like he has no pattern. I still have no idea what pattern he has but the silver smoke makes him appear like a light red with no pattern. Koji also has that great longhair full wavy fur. When my mentor Anthony Nichols told me I needed some longhair cats in my breeding program I was forelorn. I don’t really like longhair cats, but mine! Oh yeah I love what surprises I got. These kittens are still young at all of 7 weeks old but they are all my loves.

Chuck- Loves being the outside cat. He is protective of the other cats out there. I watch a kitten almost get eaten by a dog, but Chuck ran over there and kicked the dogs butt, and saved the kitten!

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