Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm such a stickler when it comes to cat food and like many people fed my small group of cats an inexpensive cat food which they would gobble up and I would have nothing left to feed them but my dinner until I got paid :(

With this breed project I've had to grow my number of cats and read about feeding a high quality food to the cats early on. I got them Iams kitten food and Iams original. I was pissed about the price until I found that they were eating less often and the Iams lasted and the cats weren't really begging for food all the time.

With so many bred mothers and a huge mass of kittens on the way I began making kitten glop which we call Cat Pudding and feeding that regularly. Even my old man cat Glenn loves the pudding and the mothers milk is strong and kittens get fed regularly.

At the cat shows many food companies advertise and bring samples. EVO was one of them. It a high protein food for the cats with a lot more meat in it. The cats loved the sample they got but I again went back to the Iams. Recently AmunRa was shown in Reno NV and while he did well he probably could have beaten all of the competition if he had more muscle mass. I asked my mentor and she probed about deworming. Ra was wormed for roundworm and tapeworm and I haven't seen a problem since then. She said then its what you are feeding them, he needs more protein to build muscle. Right then I knew she was right. She had told me and told me I needed a better quality food and now I really know why.

While I wont be showing Ra for a while, I do want him to have strong musculature. Many of my males don't mature until they are about a year and half old. I think he will be peak then but until then its time for some protien shakes! j/k buit he will be getting a higher protien meal now. I will also be feeding the EVO to my other prospective show cats.

This is good because now I can be a bit more stingy on the cat food and hopefully get some of my fatties down in weight and build up my thinner cats. We will still feed raw a few times a week and any meat leftovers from dinner will also be fed to the cats.

I have to say I gave out the cat food earlier and each cat has their bowl. Even the kittens wanted some EVO. Since I put their individual portions out not one of them has come begging for my lunch and the house is almost eerily quiet. The mothers are feeding the kittens and I haven't given them pudding yet. Its a very neat thing to experience and I wanted to share in detail. ^_^

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  1. I use the dry cat food from Blue Buffalo, Spa Select and I get it at Petsmart. I see a significant difference in the lush texture of my cats fur from eating this food. You can go read about it on thier website. You could probably mix it in with your other food with no problem. My cats absolutely love it. I used to use Iams before this.