Thursday, June 11, 2009

Being patient

I ordered my edition of Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders. I'm pretty excited to get it. I know its a great reference and resource. Several months ago I had wanted to order the book and found a used one online for about $50 and thought that was a good deal. Finances didn't go as planned and I had to wait. Boy am I glad I did! I got the book for $3.75 and then paid about the same in shipping. The book is an old used library book. But its the original not the newer edition with all this editing from other geneticists. So for that I am extremely happy. Now I am waiting for the books arrival and that might be about 2 weeks. Le Sigh...

As for other stuff, I am mulling over attending a TICA show in Las Vegas. Several people I talk to online are attending and it sounds like a blast, but again I am not to sure about finances. So its a waiting game. The unpleasant kind where you aren't sure where the future is going.

As for cats. Everyone seems to be in good health and my youngest kittens are starting the weaning stage. Litterbox training has been hellish though. With other groups its been an easy transition and I always figure it take a few weeks for kittens to really get the whole litter box idea down, but I do have some stragglers that would prefer the paper to the box. There is still much time for these kittens to develop their skills again I have to be patient.

I was finally able to get some time to recreate all the records I had on my cats that were lost when the computer got a virus. Thank goodness for hard copies and also that I had put some of it online. I am still missing a huge bunch of pictures. Granted they aren't exactly the best pictures in the world but they were mine :(

R.I.P. pictures you are missed....

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